Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dr. Sahoo - by Sojin Shin


Thank you Sojin Shin for this beautiful sketch. I liked it very much.
@ "Dr. Sahoo with his Routledge Book" by Sojin Shin
Date: 12 September 2013

"A Gift for Someone You Love"

I remember my early adolescent days. I lived in a small village where falling in love was/is a taboo. Love and romantic relationships are often constrained by the equations of caste and hierarchy of status.

Despite all these restrictions and limitations, fear and frustrations, there is a unique charm in seeing someone from a distance - feeling happy about the very sight of a person that you don't even know how will she react and reciprocate.

Seeing secretly and felling happy is nothing but LOVE. You realized, you are falling in Love. One day, you gathered all your courage and confidence to face the truth, to tell her how you feel. But, it's difficult...First, you have very little chance meeting her face-to-face; second, you don't know what her reaction will be; and finally, you simply don't know how to say all this.

In late 1990s, a ten rupee chocolate solved these problems. It said everything that you have been struggling to say.

"Amul Chocolate: A Gift for Someone You Love"!

She understood; you smiled inside and started jumping mumping; it was the beginning of a beautiful time; the beginning of the "first love".